Assalamu Alaikum all

Please note the following update from Monday as per the new Scottish Government guidance for Places of Worship:

Social Distancing

Reduces to 1 metre

Children 11 and under don’t need to socially distance. Adults and children 12+ still need to, including in Madrassa setting. 

Face Coverings

Under the Regulations everyone in a place of worship is still required to wear a face covering, except for the Imam, children under 5 and unless an exemption applies. 

Funerals & Weddings

Limit of 200.

Where Salat al Janaza is combined with a congregational prayer in the Masjid eg straight after Zohar, Masjid capacity based on Social Distancing applies. (This means potentially more than 200 at the Jamea Masajid with large capacities)

Wudu Facilites

The guidance still states the following:

“pre-requisite washing and ablution rituals are carried out at home prior to arrival at the place of worship where possible. Where such facilities are used, physical distancing and hygiene measures should be observed at all times and areas should be cleaned between each individual use.”

We have queried this and it is under review.

Keeping a Track & Protect Register

The guidance now explicitly states that Keeping a register is voluntary for Places of Worship

“Collecting contact details is voluntary at places of worship, but cooperation with Test and Protect measures will be crucial to national efforts to suppress the virus.”

All other measures remain as they are.

Please note that any changes should be preceded by completing a risk assessment for each of the changes